5 Advantages that secure living estates provide

July 27, 2023

In recent years, with the unfortunate rise in crime, South Africa has witnessed a significant surge in the demand for secure living estates. These estates offer a range of benefits that attract a diverse demographic of people, from young professionals to retirees, who just want to settle down and enjoy the finer things in life.

Today we’ll delve into the 5 advantages that these secure living estates provide and why many South Africans are choosing these secure environments, over traditional suburban life.

1. Safety & Security

Need I say more? The “REAL” driving force behind the demand for secure living estates in South Africa is the desire for enhanced safety and security. Let’s face it, this country has faced challenges in terms of crime rates, making personal safety a top concern for many, if not all.

Gated estates offer more in terms of personal safety: Controlled access points, 24/7 security patrols, and perimeter fencing, providing residents with a heightened sense of safety.

Luckily our residents at Mooikloof can sleep soundly at night knowing that their safety and security are of top priority. We spared no expense in instilling safety measures to create a secure environment, allowing residents to have peace of mind and enjoy life to the fullest, without having to ponder about safety.

2. Lifestyle & Amenities

Sometimes it’s not just about safety, but about the enhanced lifestyle and wide range of amenities offered. Many estates feature well-maintained communal areas, such as parks, walking trails, and recreational facilities, giving residents a sense of community and providing opportunities to interact with and meet new people.

Mooikloof Country Estate is perfectly situated to give you first-hand experience of a Garden Route lifestyle, with a country twist.

3. Privacy & Exclusivity

Living in a gated estate restricts access to authorised individuals, minimising any unwanted visitors. Having controlled entry and exit points creates a more intimate and private living environment, shielding any noise and chaos of the outside world. Think of it as your own little world, inside the big world.

This exclusivity appeals to many, often making it a deal maker for those wanting a more private, secluded lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the rumbling city.

4. Maintenance & Aesthetics

Many secure living estates boast well-managed common areas and strict architectural guidelines that residents need to adhere to. These factors contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the estate, ensuring that the surroundings remain attractive and well-maintained.

Having consistency in architectural styles, landscaping, and upkeeping creates an appealing atmosphere, enhancing the value of the properties within the estate. Residents can enjoy beautifully landscaped gardens, clean streets, and a visually pleasing environment.

5. Investment Potential

Buying a home is a good investment, but buying a home a secure living estate is a great investment! The rising demand for secure living estates in South Africa is  influenced by their strong investment potential.  Properties located within gated communities, like our beautiful 2-3 bedroom Diepkloof homes, tend to appreciate in value at a faster rate than those in non-secure areas.

The combination of security, lifestyle amenities, and well-maintained surroundings makes these estates highly sought-after. Investing in a property within a secure estate can provide you with a potentially lucrative asset for the future.

South Africans are prioritising their and their family’s well-being and seeking an improved quality of life, so the trend towards secure living estates is set to continue with no stopping in sight.  The demand for secure estate living generally is high, and the Garden Route has many new developments to suit all buyer types, from first-timers to retirees.

Our Diepkloof homes are the perfect investment for those looking to settle down in the beautiful Southern Cape. Now selling from 1.9,m. Contact us today to become part of our growing community.