6 Activities to do in George… on a budget

September 30, 2023

When September ends, summer approaches, so say goodbye to rainy, grey skies and hello to outdoor activities and sunshine. Now, having fun doesn’t always have to cost a lot. Money, a bit of petrol and some snacks, but that’s about it.

George is seen as a hidden gem in the Garden Route and a must-visit destination in South Africa. Nestled along the stunning Garden Route in the Western Cape and offering breathtaking natural beauty, endless adventure opportunities, and exciting things to do for the whole family… while on a budget.

Let’s take a look at our top 6 things to do in George:

1. A blast to the past

The Outeniqua Transport Museum provides a captivating glimpse into the country’s past and stands out as one of the fun things to do in George.

You can explore the various houses that keep a diverse range of artefacts, including meticulously preserved steam locomotives from bygone eras, privately owned vintage cars that exude timeless elegance and a stunning collection of steam locomotive number plates.

The museum also showcases the beauty of old dining cars adorned with majestic pillars.

2. Let’s go for a walk

The Garden Route Botanical Garden is an ideal starting point for those seeking to stretch their legs and reconnect with Mother Earth. Home to a rich variety of indigenous Southern Cape flora, enchanting birds and graceful butterflies, this stunning sanctuary is a great option for things to do in George and surrounding areas. Pack a picnic basket and relax on the green grass while gazing upon the endless beauty of nature.

The botanical garden serves as a gateway to numerous hiking and mountain biking trails that extend into the vast plantations, forests and majestic mountains beyond. Among the most sought-after routes is the 11.5-kilometre hike leading east to the Pepsi Pools. So make a note somewhere to remind you to pack your swimming suits.

3. Express your creative side

A visit to Wonki Ware in George offers a unique opportunity to create your own piece of dinnerware. It’s not every day that you get the chance to make your own dinnerware that you can take home and eat from.

This can be a particularly romantic thing to do in George. Next to the factory lies The Pottery, housed in the original working studio, where you’ll find an urban oasis garden café awaiting your arrival, where delicious food and beverages accompany you on your creative endeavour.

4. Choo choo all aboard!

Who doesn’t love train rides? This extraordinary ‘train’ adventure takes you into the breathtaking Outeniqua Mountains. Prepare to be amazed as you hop aboard a vintage rail inspection trolley, traversing four historic railway passes along the way.

The landscape transitions from fynbos-covered hillsides to dense indigenous forests, and as you meander through this picturesque route, you’ll encounter waterfalls, bridges and dark tunnels that add a touch of intrigue to this scenic experience.

5. Where Community thrives

Good food, good people and good music make for a good time. Experience the vibrant energy of a bustling weekend gathering at the Outeniqua Family Market. Spread out across spacious grounds, the market offers a delightful setting with sprawling lawns, ample shade from trees and inviting picnic benches tucked underneath their branches.

The vibrant atmosphere is complemented by live music, adding a lively soundtrack to your market experience. Families with children will find joy in the massive kiddies’ playground, complete with exciting attractions like a mini tractor-train, electric go-karts and engaging sand art activities, making it the perfect destination for a family outing.

Whether you’re seeking delicious food or a fun-filled day for the whole family, this is a must.

6. Nothing like a scenic road tripe

The Seven Passes Road is a historic and scenic route between George and Knysna.
Built by the renowned engineers Adam de Smidt and Thomas Bain, the road takes you through a series of picturesque mountain passes.

Explore the enchanting Kaaimansgat Pass, Swartrivier Pass, Hoogekraal Pass, Touw River Pass, Silver River Pass, Phantom Pass, and Karatara Pass, each offering its own unique charm. Along the way, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Millwood, a historic gold-rush town nestled in the Outeniqua Mountains.eee

The Garden Route is an ocean filled with adventure just waiting to be dived into and discovered. With summer slowly approaching on the horizon, there’s no better opportunity to seize the moment and unleash your inner traveller and adventurer. We’re fortunate to be situated in the centre of it all, making it easier for our residents to access these hidden gems. Our Diepkloof homes offer the perfect homestead for adventure and tranquillity, with spacious designs and open-plan living areas, it puts the “Mooi” in “Mooikloof”.