More Than Just a Garage – 6 Creative Uses for that Dusty Garage.

July 11, 2024

We all know the feeling. Garages, once envisioned as gleaming havens for our prized vehicles, often turn into cluttered storage spaces that become a distant memory. But what if we told you that hidden within your garage lies the potential for an amazing new room that could spark some new life into your home?

Here at Mooikloof Country Estate, with our secure, family-friendly environment, we understand the desire to maximise your living space. Imagine a dedicated space for pursuing your passions, a haven for the kids to unleash their creativity, or a comfortable retreat for visiting loved ones.

 So, ditch the cobwebs and dust bunnies, and get ready to transform your underutilised garage into something truly special. Here’s our 6 uses for that extra garage space:

1. The Hobby Room

Women sitting under dim light sketching in her drawing book

Ditch the clutter and create a dedicated zone for your hobbies in your garage. Because according to scientific research on the psychological benefits of having a “hobby room”, a dedicated haven for relaxation and self-expression provides a physical and mental separation from daily pressures, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in activities you enjoy. Reducing stress, boosting creativity, and enhancing the feelings of accomplishment, all contribute to improved mental well-being.

Whether you’re a woodworking enthusiast, an aspiring musician hoping to get that grammy, or a paint-splattered artist, a designated hobby room keeps your mess contained and allows you to fully immerse yourself in your passion, and it keeps any disruption to the rest of the house minimal, providing the perfect environment for focused creativity.

2. The Kids’ Kingdom

Two little girls sitting at a table in a warm sunlit room. They are playing with toy blocks.

Living with kids can sometimes feel like a constant battle against toys and games taking over the living room. Having a dedicated playroom in your garage for your little ones offers the ideal solution. Here, your children can have a designated space to unleash, but not destroy, their imaginations, sprawl out with their toys, and create memories that they’ll be talking about for years to come. 

And having a separate playroom allows them to play freely while offering you, as very exhausted parents, much-needed quiet time haven within the Mooikloof community. Just make sure the environment is clean and healthy.

The Utility Room

A washing up area with a basin and washer and dryer. There is also a fridge

Sometimes, functionality reigns supreme. Transforming your garage into a utility room provides a designated space for those not-so-glamorous but essential household tasks.  Imagine a dedicated laundry room, complete with ample storage and drying space. Perhaps a scullery, perfect for housing noisy appliances and keeping the mess contained.

 A utility room also offers the potential for a back door entrance, keeping any muddy shoes and sports equipment out of the main living areas. This additional space can truly enhance your day-to-day life.

The Home Office

Office space with a desk chair and apple mac PC. There are plants and it is well-lit

Working from home seems to have become the new “normal” in 2024. Traditional office spaces have been replaced by, well, home offices. This style of hybrid working has allowed many to achieve balance in their lives for the first time.

If you work from home and crave a dedicated workspace, a garage can be a great option for setting up a small space for you to get some work done. But be sure to insulate it for temperature control, add a desk and shelving, and enjoy the peace and quiet (except for maybe the occasional car honk) your new workspace has to offer.

Movie Screening Room

Movie screening room with a popcorn maker and projector on the wall

With cinemas in SA being too expensive for a family outing these days, this one will be the favourite option for many to make those cold, South African winters a bit more bearable. Imagine having your own movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home, and in this case, your garage. It’s very simple to do: hang a projector screen, add some comfy seating, throw in some popcorn and hot chocolate, and voilà, your own cosy home theatre experience for the whole family, without breaking the bank!

The Home Gym

A home gym filled with gym equipment

Between a demanding work schedule and raising children, wouldn’t you like to not sit in traffic for an hour just to get to the gym?

A home gym will automatically lead to improvement in motivation to exercise because it cancels out any need to travel, saves you from being stuck in an overcrowded gym after 5 pm, and helps you lead a more balanced lifestyle. 

But you don’t have to use the whole garage for this, just a simple setup will do on one half of the garage. So no more excuses for not making it to the gym today.

No matter your vision, your garage at Mooikloof Country Estate has the potential to become an extension of your dream home. Living in a secure estate with a strong sense of community allows you to focus on creating a space that reflects your passions and needs.

  So, get inspired, unleash your creativity, and go and give your garage the makeover it so truly deserves. All our Diepkloof homes come with a double garage, so more than enough space for you to express yourself. Contact us today to arrange a

 Viewing, you might decide to stay.