Things to do in the Garden Route this winter…with the kids

June 26, 2023

It’s the school holidays again, which means the kiddies are all at home with nothing to do. Well you’re in luck. The Garden Route offers abundant natural beauty and exciting activities for families to enjoy, even when it’s cold outside. While winter may bring cooler temperatures, it doesn’t need to damper your adventurous spirit.

In fact, the Garden Route offers a plethora of engaging experiences for the whole family. So, gather up your little ones and explore our captivating, beautiful region while creating lasting memories along the way.

1. Everyone loves Dumbo!

Who doesn’t love big, flappy ears that make the ground shake? The Knysna Elephant Park is an enchanting place where children can encounter magnificent African elephants up close. The park provides a safe and educational environment where kids can learn about these gentle giants through interactive tours and feeding experiences. Witnessing the elephants’ playful behaviour, and even having a chance to touch, them creates a magical experience that little Jimmy will never forget!

2. Would you like to play a game?

Just because the kids are on holiday, doesn’t mean their brains are! The Plettenberg Bay Puzzle Park is an exciting attraction filled with mazes, puzzles, and brain teasers that will surely entrap any child in excitement. Just like Indiana Jones, uncover hidden treasures while challenging your problem-solving skills as you navigate through labyrinthine paths.

This immersive experience is not only great for bonding but also enhances cognitive abilities in a fun and engaging way. Who said learning can’t be fun? Make sure to visit the 3D puzzle shop, where your little ones can find intriguing little gifts to take home, to always remind them of this puzzling experience.

3. Hear the tweet-tweet of the jungle

Nestled within the luscious greenery of the Garden Route is Birds of Eden, the world’s largest free-flight bird sanctuary. This avian paradise is home to over 3,500 birds from more than 200 different species. Children can observe the colourful and exotic birds soaring overhead as they stroll along the walkways. The educational signage and feeding sessions further enhance the experience, offering insights into the diverse world of avifauna.

4. “Sea” our marine life up close

Witness the annual migration of Southern Right and humpback
whales. Take your kids on an exhilarating ocean safari out on the open waters, where they can marvel at these magnificent creatures as they breach and play in the waters. In addition to whales, dolphins, seals, and various bird species can also be spotted during these excursions. An ocean safari not only leaves kids entertained but also fosters a deep appreciation for marine life and the need for its ongoing conservation.

5. Ever been inside a cave?

What child doesn’t like exploring caves? Luckily for you, South Africa has the biggest show cave system in Africa. The Cango Caves is a cultural and natural regional landmark, and also the oldest tourist attraction in South Africa. The Cango Caves are some of the largest limestone caverns in the world and are still only partially explored.

Don’t let the cold extinguish your fire. The Garden Route is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences for families, even during these winter months. From close encounters with elephants to mind-bending puzzles and awe-inspiring wildlife encounters. The region offers an array of adventures to keep your kids engaged and enthralled.

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