What Are Home Buyers Looking For In A Home? | Mooikloof Country Estate

July 31, 2023

We know that it’s in our nature as humans to change, without change we stay the same, without change there’s no room for growth. Just as our taste in food and fashion changes, so does our taste in what we want in a home.

What home buyers were looking for prior to lockdown drastically changed afterwards. A few distinct trends were being noticed, buyers opted for more extra space for family entertainment and extra office space, as extensive gardens with a pool made a comeback as a key attraction tool for luring potential buyers.

People who could work remotely and in the comfort of their own homes decided they’d had enough of the big city and settled for a more peaceful way of life in smaller towns and seaside villages like George, Mossel Bay, and Knysna.

Research indicates the following features as key attraction tools for roping in potential home buyers and that deliver the best return on investment:

1. Safe Environment

“Is it safe here?” is usually one of the first questions asked by potential buyers. As crime increases the demand for gated complexes and security estates increases. In the trying times of today, safety takes first priority for many buyers and is more often, a deciding factor on whether they decide to purchase a property or not.

2. Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

These are the 2 rooms that really sell a home. Potential buyers are not really looking for a “Buy to renovate” property and very few are willing to compromise on this aspect. A sleek and modern kitchen and bathroom will not only increase the value of the property but will also surely add that extra spice to grab buyers’ attention.

3. Energy efficiency

First-time home buyers are looking to save as much as possible in the long run, this means trying to limit their monthly spend on utility bills. With the recent rise in electricity prices, Millennials (Aged 25-41), who make up the largest property buying group, expect energy-efficient utilities such as solar geysers to be pre-installed as well as other eco-friendly features that not only save them money but assist in the conservation of our environment that aids the fight for a greener planet.

4. Wireless Connectivity

It’s 2022. Technology has completely taken over our lives. Just as we cannot live peacefully with it, neither can we live without it anymore as we’ve become so inherently dependent on it. It affects the way buyers view homes and when it comes down to choosing between 2 properties, the property with the best cell service and fastest internet connectivity will at the end of the day win.

5. Flexible spaces for multi-functional utilization.

When the pandemic happened, the economy received the end of the short stick. This forced many to downsize, either their current home or their dream home expectations. Many sought our properties with rooms that can be used in a multitude of applications. Kitchen diners became communal socializing grounds where mom could cook while the kids do their homework at the kitchen table. A Spare room became a guest bedroom while also serving as extra office space.

6. Double Kitchen Sink

This might sound a bit ridiculous but people really do make quite a fuss about the size of the kitchen sink. Our scullery area received quite the beating during the pandemic, and most of us with small kitchens realised how much better a double side-by-side is for cleaning and keeping tidy, as well as a deep enough sink for large pots and pans.

7. Walk-in Kitchen Pantry

This has become one of the most desired features of any kitchen. The pandemic forced us to limit our trips to the supermarket and how to stock up on food. And with the horrific state of petrol prices, having a pantry full of food that can last you a few weeks will surely save you trips to the supermarket and in the long run, save some extra cash.

8. Exterior Lighting

Used to be used as ambience on a warm summer evening, know it’s mainly used as an added safety feature for your home. Some exterior lights have motion detectors that ward off would-be trespassers should they enter your property uninvited, but it also makes it easier for homeowners to spot and chase off unwanted intruders.

A Garden and Pet-Friendly

Believe it or not, there are many people whose deciding factor, on whether they buy a property or not, is based on whether their pet is able to flourish and live a comfortable life in the home as well as the surrounding environment. And a lush, well-maintained lawn and garden will capture the attention of potential buyers before they even set foot in the door.

Preferences change, buyers want one thing this week and then something else the next week. At Mooikloof we have a selected variety of properties available that will surely fit your needs, all in a safe and secure environment. Our newly-built 2-3 bedroom Kloofsig apartments are now selling from R822 000! And be sure to be on the lookout for our Phase 3 Diepkloof Development that will start selling soon. If you’d like to view one of our apartments, contact our team today.