What’s on the horizon for the South African property market in 2024?

December 20, 2023

As we step into 2024, the South African real estate market is poised for an intriguing journey filled with potential opportunities and significant shifts according to expert predictions. 

The upcoming year promises a dynamic landscape for buyers, sellers, renters, and investors, all driven by a series of anticipated trends and developments.

How Interest Rates Affect the Market

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) forecast indicates a potential downward trajectory for the repo rate throughout 2024. A drop in the repo rate will typically translate to decreased mortgage rates, making home loan financing more accessible and affordable. 

This anticipated rate adjustment might significantly influence market activity, resulting in an increase in confidence for prospective buyers..

Predictions for Rental Housing

After the pandemic, the rental market has shown resilience, boasting eight consecutive quarters of positive growth. However, inflation might halt the expected rate cuts, forcing some potential homebuyers to settle for rentals instead of buying to own. Factors such as increasing utility costs and the allure of a ‘Generation Rent’ mindset might sustain the attractiveness of rentals, especially with a surge in apartment constructions entering the market.

Why Affordable Housing is in Demand

Continuing from the trends observed in 2023, the quest for affordable housing remains a dominant theme, mostly driven by economic factors such as interest rate increases, inflationary pressures and unemployment as well as rapid urbanisation.

The urban migration trend has further intensified the demand for quality, budget-friendly housing in SA, with many young professionals saying goodbye to big cities. And while the outlook for affordable housing in South Africa remains uncertain, there are signs of hope that shine through the uncertainty.

People Moving for New Opportunities

Semigration, a significant driver of housing sales in 2023, is expected to persist in 2024. However, the choice of destinations is undergoing a transformation. Smaller towns are emerging as preferred relocation spots due to factors like improved municipal services and appealing lifestyles. The Western Cape retains its status as a semigration hotspot, with towns such as George taking home the trophy as the 2nd fastest growing town in the Western Cape, indicating continuity in this trend for the coming year.

The Rise of Remote and Office Work Mix

With the decline in pure remote working, a shift towards hybrid work models is on the horizon. This setup, offering a blend of remote and office work, is poised to dominate in 2024. This evolution is expected to lead to workplaces being revamped to accommodate hybrid-friendly environments, fostering collaboration and prioritising employee wellness.

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Why Sustainability Matters in Real Estate

The growing awareness of sustainability is manifesting in the real estate sector. Developers are integrating eco-friendly solutions into their designs, incorporating features like solar installations, water-efficient fittings, and sustainable materials. 

Home-buyers will witness a surge in listings showcasing environmentally conscious choices, reflecting a shift towards greener living spaces.

Politics’ Impact on Property

The 2024 South African general election is likely to impact the economy and consequently, the real estate landscape. Pre-election uncertainties might cause investor caution, potentially influencing real estate policies. However, depending on the outcomes, it could also ignite positive attitude and encourage investment among home buyers.

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