Why a Fresh Start Could be Just What You Need | Mooikloof Country Estate

December 22, 2022

When we think of the new year, what usually comes to mind? A new start perhaps? An occasion like the new year presents people with the opportunity of a fresh start, which is a concept that holds a lot of power. Knowing that you have a chance to start the year on a blank page helps you get some kind of mental clarity and internal motivation to put your best foot forward for the year to come.

But saying you’re going to be having a “fresh start” isn’t just a figure of speech, it’s a psychological concept. People believe that it’s a great way to motivate yourself and improve your chances of reaching certain goals while leaving unhealthy, bad habits in the past. This effect is the most powerful around the new year, as it symbolizes metaphorically hitting life’s reset button, and represents a new beginning. However, other meaningful occasions can also spark the “fresh start” effect, e.g. a wedding anniversary, graduating from university, moving to a new city, or starting a new job.

As 2022 becomes something of the past, we look forward to a new year full of possibilities and to regain our focus and set our sights on new goals for the year. If you don’t believe that the “fresh start” effect is real, why do you think gym memberships skyrocket in January?

Whether it’s starting a health journey or a new job, or even a new relationship, having a “fresh start” has its benefits, and we’ve compiled our top seven benefits of a “fresh start”:

1. Self-Confidence Boost

Starting the year on a blank page gives you a sense of relief and optimism. You reflect on your mistakes of the past and look forward to the new year ahead, whatever happened in 2022, stays in 2022. You gain a pinch of confidence that you’ll be better prepared to take on the new year and all the challenges that it might have in store for you. It’s almost similar to the feeling of that new car smell. Hmm, smells like adventures and new experiences.

2. Energy boost

Mental and physical burnout contributes to that low-energy feeling we all experience when this time of the year arrives. Then they get in their cars, pack their bags and venture towards our beautiful coastal regions, like the Garden Route, where the fresh, salty air and the sound of waves crashing down provide a sense of peace, serenity, and new energy. The perfect combo for starting a new slate. Starting fresh brings a sense of enthusiasm and a new burst of life. You’re more motivated to get things done, drop bad habits, and form new habits that are in line with your new goals and your core values. Not knowing what to expect also brings a sense of excitement and intrigue.

3. Personal Growth

Most people strive towards personal growth. Whether it’s personal growth in relation to your career, relationships, or even something as simple as learning how to change a flat tire. Every time change occurs, you learn new things and you grow, you discover new insights about different aspects of life and how to become the master of your own life.

4. Flexibility

Change forces you to adapt to new situations, new environments, and new people. It teaches us to embrace challenges better. You might find yourself in a new town near the ocean, not knowing what to expect from this new environment. Being adaptable is one of the most valuable skills a person can have in life, it means working without boundaries, and being open to finding diverse and unexpected solutions to problems and challenges you might run into. Instead of taking the usual 5min drive and wasting petrol to go to the beach, how about a quick jog followed by a refreshing dip in the icy, cold ocean water? Sounds like a two birds with one rock situation.

5. New opportunities

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. So let’s say you’ve decided to ditch that corporate 9-5, that you’ve worked at for 10 years, and moved to a new town for something a bit more soul-enriching, maybe you decide to open your own surf school to underprivileged kids? It might not be as financially beneficial, but it presents new opportunities and rewards of a different kind. When you deviate from your usual path, there will be plenty of other possibilities waiting for you. Change brings new choices for happiness and fulfillment. You just need to knock on the door.

6. Meet new people

We humans are born social creatures. We feed off social interaction, as it fuels a part of our internal drive to improve as humans. Being connected to others socially is widely considered a fundamental human need crucial to both well-being and survival. Meeting new people constantly will help shape your life and contribute to you growing into the person you want to be, introducing you to new cultures, different stories, and backgrounds. The Garden Route is filled with thousands of people from all walks of life, cultures, and traditions. And you never know, you might just make a new best friend.

7. Enhanced Lifestyle

When we avoid change, we resign to repeating our same, everyday patterns. According to the definition of insanity, it’s when you do the same thing every day, expecting a different result. When you decide that it’s time for a change, you can enhance or improve your lifestyle in any way you choose. From having more money to save as a result of a better paying job, or seeing more of your friends as you have more time to socialize often. There are numerous ways in which you can enhance your lifestyle, you just have to be prepared to make the necessary change.

It’s no secret that change is good. Whether you’re moving to a new town somewhere along the coast, or you’re starting a new job, it will bring some sort of different energy into your life. Maybe consider a move to the Garden Route. Our Kloofsig Apartments are perfect for a fresh start and central to all the various adventurous activities found in our beautiful area. So why not make the change?