Why You Should Consider Apartment Living

June 1, 2021

In a bustling city such as George, there are many individuals who prefer the easy, laid back, comfortable benefits of apartment living. For investors, it can also be the ideal fit if you are looking for a low-maintenance property that will be easy to rent out.

Every individual has their own needs when it comes to a home, therefore you have to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding where to buy.

With all the different types of property for sale in George, Mooikloof Country Estate wants to give you some insights on apartment living and what it can mean for you:

What you should keep in mind before you decide to buy an apartment:

Apartment living might not be ideal for all types of people, but it has become widely popular in the last few decades. Of course, there are a few things to consider before buying/renting an apartment, such as:

1. Make sure of your budget.
Apartments are a much cheaper alternative when buying property. You also save valuable rands each month since the general upkeep (Lawn, gates, security, etc.) becomes the responsibility of the complex.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, you will also find it easy to rent out your apartment, if it is located near the town. With lots of young people now choosing to live in apartments and with such a big shortage in accommodation, especially in areas such as George, the demand for a decent, well-kept flat is high. If you are looking to buy for yourself or your family, this may be the ideal option when buying your first property or when you are looking to retire. Saving valuable money every month means being able to save up for your future while living comfortably.

Knowing your budget enables you to realistically look at different properties within your reach.

2. What are your needs?
Of course, some families are too big for an apartment. An apartment might be a better fit for a young couple and small child, or a retiree than it would for a family of five and a dog.

Like this, there are many other reasons why an apartment might not be the best fit for someone. Some Apartments might not be accessible to wheelchairs, or they might not be suitable for pets, etc.

Still, for those looking for a convenient investment, it can be perfect. So before buying your apartment, consider what your specific needs are and weigh them up against what the apartment lifestyle can offer you.

3. The neighborhood and security.
Many times, apartment living can offer a sense of security that very few other property types have to offer. An apartment in a secure complex can therefore be ideal for a person living on their own, such as a retired person, or a young student.

The complex will most definitely have gated access, and sometimes even security guards. If the complex does have amenities such as a pool, this will also be in a secure area where even children can safely play.

The neighborhood in which your complex is situated can also offer a sense of security and convenience if it is located close to shops, hospitals, etc.

What can an apartment in the Garden Route offer me?

When it comes to property for sale in the Western Cape, it is clear to see that George is quickly becoming a new hotspot for young professionals and retirees alike. The Garden Route offers a leisurely lifestyle in a picturesque destination, close to both adventurous outdoor activities as well as a calm, serene environment, it truly is the best of both worlds.

Keeping up with the rapidly growing population, in terms of accommodation, is however becoming a trying task for developers. The demand for accommodation in such a sought-after location has made apartment living a hot commodity.

Apartments close to the business center of the town can offer you an easy, no-stress commute to work while still only being a short trip from long stretches of beaches, forests, hiking trails and so much more.

Mooikloof Country Estate is a secure complex that is close to everything you need for everyday life while also offering you full access to the Garden Route and its many attractions. The newest development phase at Mooikloof Country Estate is the Kloofsig apartment complex.

The benefits of buying at Kloofsig in Mooikloof Country Estate

Buying at Kloofsig gives you access to a brand new home that offers:

  • An apartment in a safe security complex.
  • Easy access to schools in George.
  • Conveniently near to shopping centers and malls.
  • Close to outdoor activities like hiking, diving, and golfing.
  • Quick access to transport solutions like the N2, George airport.

Buy your apartment today

The development is still in its early stages but the Mooikloof Country Estate apartments for sale in George are coming soon! Contact our agents, available 7 days a week, to give you a virtual tour of the development and to stay updated!